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by Dori-to

Your art is great. Remember these words. Keep calm, and draw on. I know it doesn't make sense but. Your art is inspiring. Just like the...



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MS Paint
 MS Paint may have no layers but people make very surprising artwork out of it
The Webpage Sumopaint can only have up to 5 layers but I can draw on it easily
A mobile app for drawing and it saves when you accidentally go to the home screen, swipe it off, or when your mobile device runs out of battery and dies.
Fire Alcapa
Drawing in FireAlcapa is hard, but fun.
It's Tradition.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a Girl..
I like to draw and Animate by using PMV or AMV...

My birthday badge

Tumblr: ask-courts-and-the-crew.tumblr…



I have a lung virus and if I keep coughing I might get bronchitis.
I really want to make a shimeji-ee of Damla but it wouldn't work
Today is the last of my core member, it was a dun experience testing out beta stuff and setting my own prices on prints, each time my core member gets to 0 days I'll take a screen shot of it and crop it to show who gave it to me.

The first one who gave me core was the wonderful Kayly101, she's a great artist and my inspiration to draw scales.
How do I livestream on Twitch with the Xbox app on Windows 10
গ মোল লদৈ েজাোক োলদূপাী তোলুহোুা েদ বদহ সগুপূ লাা্ ূীোলেতোূদী িদী ূপগে.
A mew was heard in the
"What was that!!?" Nighteye yelled as he ran up to the noise.
"Nighteye! It could be Blazeclan, stop!" Treasurestar screeched as she ran over to her deputy.

There....right in front of them was a fox kit.
It was skinny as a twig,
"Nighteye...what do we do with it?" the she-cat asked as she looked over to Nighteye
"We should end it out of it's misery..." the tom said in a doleful tone.
Treasurestar gasped as she saw it's future...a shine sparked in her eyes...
"A leaf of a fox...will keep us well.." she murmured as she grabbed the kit and ran into Iceclan camp, gliding on the ice along the way.

There, Nighteye's kits...
Mistkit, Frostkit, and Fogkit were excited to see their father.
"Dad! You should've seen the hawk Mom caught! It was bigger than her!" Mistkit yelled as she jumped up and down.
The two mates licked each other's pelts.
"Ew, get a den you two." Frostkit gagged.
Nighteye chuckled as he looked ad Treasurestar with the fox kit.
"Treasurestar..can I have a word with you?" the tom walked over to his leader asking her.
"Sure.." Treasurestar said as she followed her deputy into her den.

"Can me and my mate....keep the kit?" asked Nighteye
"Why ever would you ask Nighteye?" Treasurestar replied
"Well....Daisypelt wanted four kits but the fourth one died.." the tom informed
"Of course can keep the kit..." Treasurestar responded in agreement
"Thanks! I can't wait to tell Daisypelt!" Nighteye said as he ran outside


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